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Why People Lose Weight Weight loss refers to the relative increase in size and mass of the human body. Normally, humans are susceptible to weight gain especially if they do not watch over the foods they eat. Poor feeding management systems have contributed to weight gain amongst the human population. Uncontrolled weight gain has been known to cause a number of diseases. Weight loss on the other hand can be achieved through proper dieting. However, if an individual fails to eat so as to lose weight, he might end up in starvation. There are a number of factors that contribute to weight loss. Diseases normally make people shed off their body mass. When one suffers from serious ailment, the urge to consume foods decreases. As a person consumes medication on an empty stomach, he loses weight since the body’s metabolism has to keep up with the treatment. In instances where illness is prolonged, excess weight loss is inevitable. Stress and depression also lead to weight loss. The heart rate of an individual always increases whenever he is stressed. This means that more energy is needed from the body so as to power the heart. Body energy normally comes from oxidation of fat deposits within the human anatomy.Energy usually comes from the breakdown of fats stored within the human body. In instances when depression is prolonged, an individual might end up losing all of his body mass.
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Starvation always leads to adverse weight loss. A large proportion of people in the world cannot be able to afford a descent meal in a day. This problem is even escalated by droughts that are experienced in developing countries especially in Africa. In terms of famine, more of these body fats are combusted so as too keep an I alive. Since these fat reserves cannot be replenished, a person loses weight at a very fast rate.
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Regular exercises causes a person to lose body weight. Exercising is an activity that requires a lot of energy. During exercise, fats are oxidized to release energy to the body’s muscles. Weight loss results after exercising for long periods of time. Climate is also known to influence weight loss. When environmental temperatures fall, the human body responds by producing its own heat. To do this, it has to consume its own fat reserves. It is this continuous process that leads to weight loss. Age also influences the degree of weight loss. It is due to advanced age that a person’s body muscles shrink. The weight of an individual decreases with a relative increase in age. The reduction in muscle mass can be attributed to the inability of the body to replenish dead body tissues in good time. Hence, it is evident enough that weight loss in human beings is not just a product of one factor, but many. In instances when unexplained weight loss is experienced, it is recommended that an individual seeks the opinion of a doctor.