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Wellness and Health through Massage

Having a massage brings relaxation and relief from muscular pains, as attested by people who have been having this activity. In some rehabilitation programs, a massage is included in the program and has proven to bring relief to several people.

We will present here how anyone who needs healing and relaxation can get solutions through the benefits of having a massage.

Allow us to give a brief information about massage. Massage was used by the Chinese 4,000 years ago, as their healing therapy and as a traditional cure to several conditions at that time. Massage has various techniques, generally described as hands-on therapy, consisting of gentle stroking to a firmer and deeper manual techniques.

Massage is said to benefit the whole body in general and specifically influencing the condition of the various systems like musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Massage considered to have many types with different benefits.

One kind is the aromatherapy massage wherein the essential oils from plants are massaged into the skin in order to promote the healing and relaxing effects.

Described with a light and rhythmic strokes, another kind of massage is the lymphatic massage with the goal to enhance the flow of lymph throughout one’s body.

Focusing the application on the hands and feet is another type of massage called reflexology that uses a specialized technique using thumb and fingers.

Another type of massage is the shiatsu where finger and hand of gentle pressures are applied to targeted points of the body in order to relieve the person from pain, and also to improve the flow of energy through the energy pathways of the body.

Next kind of massage is Swedish massage, using different strokes and pressure techniques, with the objective of improving the flow of the blood to the heart, and other benefits like removal of waste products from the tissues, ligaments and tendons are stretched and to ease physical and emotional tensions.

Some massage treatments are also specialized and we will describe briefly here.

One special massage is called craniosacral massage that is using a gentle pressure to the head and spine, thereby correcting the imbalances and restoring the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid.

One special massage is myofascial release, that is used to relax and stretch the muscles, fascia and related structures, with the techniques of gentle pressure and body positioning.

With the objective of promoting health and well-being, another special massage called polarity therapy, is a form of energy healing that enhances the flow of energy within the body.

There is a kind of pressure applied to the fascia, and this special massage is called rolfing, and the activity would make the tissue more flexible, thereby stretching it, and making it more flexible.