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Workout Your Triceps Using A Dip Station Exercises that target the triceps are often operated above or behind the head and this puts the lifter or even you at an uncomfortable and vulnerable position. All of it takes place while not challenging the triceps to the maximum potential and/or, making use of other muscles in the same movement. Well, the great thing is that, performing triceps dips can take us out from this particular situation by being an exercise to which you need to push yourself up and exercising not just your triceps but also, different parts of the body. Aside from that, triceps dips have been very popular workout exercise in the gym for quite some time, helping it to establish its reputation to anyone who likes to become a bodybuilder. When doing triceps dips, this is actually firing up muscles mainly in the shoulder, pectoral and of course, triceps region. Not only that, depending on your position, grip as well as expertise, the dips might be challenging towards your abdominal area which is what stabilizing you throughout the workout. If you would just notice it, when performing this exercise, triceps dips are that one workout in which it is rather easy to tell on what muscles are worked out as you can feel them literally. Oftentimes, this exercise routine is done on pair of parallel bars that are suspended at a place referred to as dip station. You need to grab 2 bars with an overhand grip, roughly at your shoulder width. The grip should be firm and comfortable enough to hold onto while doing the entire movement. Therefore, initial position must start with your legs in the air, commonly with your arms fully extended and knees bent. The back must stay firm and straight as well throughout the exercise and as much as possible, avoid rounding.
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As soon as you’re in this initial position, you should then dip down by simply bending your elbows while making the shoulders be stretched somewhat. The back must be straight of course but now, you’re in a contracting position. After lowering your body, you then have to lift it up again and repeat the process until you hit your desired rep count and set.
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Not all of us on the other hand can go to gyms and make use of the dip station there. In regards to this matter, you may want to consider buying a dip station for yourself that is high enough in order to accommodate your height when performing dips. Well other than that, most dip stations are pretty much the same.