Essential Oils for Vomiting Baby

When you have a baby or infant that is sick and vomiting all you want is for them to feel better and want them to be able to rest comfortably. If you are like me, you worry about what those pharmaceutical medicines will do to your baby and if they are even safe to use. Here is a natural way to treat this it is Essential Oils for your Vomiting Baby.

Сoconut oil

It has been found that coconut oil can help to prevent you from getting the stomach flu or bug going around your area right now. It is very powerful in the fact that it can kill off viruses, bacteria’s, and fungi that may be attacking your body.

A mixture of Ginger essential oil and chamomile essential oil can make a wonderful tea to help calm that upset stomach and make your baby feel better and is safe to use for them too. This tea doesn’t taste to bad either I have used it myself and it works wonderfully within just a short period. You don’t have to use them both together though either essential oil has been proven to help when someone you care about is suffering from vomiting and is safe for all ages when diluted properly before administering to them.

Mixture of Essential oils

Another great mixture of Essential oils is called the “Di-Gize” mixture and works great to help children when they are sick or vomiting. It is a mixture of Peppermint Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential oil, Juniper Essential oil, Pachouli Essential oil, Ginger Essential oil, Fennel Essential oil, Tarragon Essential oil, and Anise Essential oil.

Essential oils have been found to be safer to use of your children of all ages one because they are natural and two because they don’t have those nasty side effects that some pharmaceutical remedies have.

Peppermint Essential oil

The usage of Peppermint Essential oil is a very effective and pleasant smelling essential oil to kick the vomiting right out of there. It helps with people after surgery and people after they receive chemotherapy so why would it not work for you at home, right?  This essential oil has been proven to be more effective than some pharmaceutical vomiting remedies including a medication called “Zofram” which is used across the board for nausea relief.

Spearmint Essential oil has been found to helps stop vomiting and seems to also last a little longer of a duration when given than when you may just use peppermint essential oil.