Chris Oyakhilome Is A Man On A Mission

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a vision for the world. It isn’t his own personal vision though, it’s what he believes is God’s vision, and he is working tirelessly to bring that Good News to people on all continents. Chris Oyakhilome seems to be all over the place these days. You can turn on the television anywhere from Nigeria to the United States and witness Pastor Chris preaching the word of God and doing the good work of bringing people all over the world to Christ. The pastor is credited, in 2003, to starting the very first 24 hour Christian Network that is broadcast from Africa and reaches out all over the world.

A couple celebrating.

The Pastor uses all forms of media to bring Christ’s message to the masses. He has written over 20 books starting with the 2 books he wrote in 1998, Gates of Zion and Your Right in Christ and culminating in 2016 with his latest release, The Power of your Mind: Walk in Divine Excellence. His book, the Rhapsody of Realities is considered by many to be the number one devotional book around the world. Even with a ministry that has spanned over 30 years, the contribution of that many books in the Christian genre is quite an accomplishment. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s ministry has been focused on bringing people out of poverty, and just providing a message of hope, which at times seem to be lacking, especially in our current world.

The Christ Embassy International Church, headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is now active in over 50 countries. The Christ Embassy is the central part of his ministry. All the different ministries that are under the banner of the Christ Embassy can be found on their website which is full of useful information, events, and news. you can also watch their live television feed and watch many of the previous recorded videos and events on the website.

One of the latest successes of the church was the recent Zimbabwe event. The event was attended by over 100,00 people proving once again the power of the church but especially, the Power of God. The event went off without a hitch and was a fun, educational, peaceful, and above all life changing event for all who attended. The Christ Embassy Church mad sure the event was free to guarantee that all people could attend. Pulling off an event of this size and scope is certainly no easy feat. It took weeks of preparation and even an earlier visit by Pastor Chris to go over all the logistics of the event and make sure everything would be in perfect order so everything ran smoothly. With the total success of the event, the many people coming to Christ, and all the people’s hearts being personally touched, it can certainly be said that all the preparation was worth it. Chris Oyakhilome is not the type of person to sit back and rest on his laurels though. You can be assured you will be hearing a lot more from the Pastor in the coming years. He is definitely a man on a mission.