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Treatment of Hemorrhoids

This condition involves a swollen vein in the anus part. These are common conditions that occur to people. Usually, twenty five people out of fifty get hemorrhoids by the age of fifty years. It is normal for hemorrhoids to come to go. Hemorrhoids may also be referred to as piles. Hemorrhoids are of two types. These are external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. While internal hemorrhoids occur in the anus, external hemorrhoids occur outside the anus.

Patients with hemorrhoids should never worry because these conditions can be treated. A lot of discomfort is experienced by hemorrhoids patients. Usually, patients with hemorrhoids experience pain around the anus. They also have difficult time passing stool. Other than leaving a few patches of blood in the tissue after wiping with a tissue, itchiness is experienced around the area. Note that the shedding of blood is painless.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids may be done by the victim or the doctor. Visionary aspects are employed here. This is completed through anal assessment. You are also adviced to visit the doctor to avoid complications. The doctor should be able to carry out a few tests on you to determine any occurring abnormalities. The doctor carries out a special type of examination know as a rectal exam. To be able to treat hemorrhoids, there are a few things a patient may opt to do. Some of these treatment methods will be discussed in this article.
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One the victim of hemorrhoids may sit in a bathtub for about ten minutes. They are also encouraged to sit on a warm bottle for about ten minutes. A lot of pain is experienced by people with hemorrhoids. You may be forced to go an extra mile of buying over the counter painkillers to control the pain.
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Hemorrhoid patients may also opt for medical treatments. This happens especially when the pain becomes unbearable. Medical treatments that are common are two. They are rubber band litigation and injection therapy. In the case of rubber band litigation, a rubber band is tied over the vein. What happens after this, the hemorrhoid shrinks. This is due to the fact that no circulation occurs in the area. An injection is carried in the case of injection therapy. A certain type of chemical is injected by the doctor. As a result, the hemorrhoid reduces in size. After this type of treatment, a patient may stay in hospital for time before being discharged. Other times, he/she is discharged immediately after treatment.

Treatment of hemorrhoids also involves early prevention. This may include taking foods rich in fiber. Brown rice, liver, carrots and pears are example of such food. Bulk is increased in the intestines whenever a person takes food rich in fiber. This makes the stool soft hence easy allowing easy passage.