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Is the Flu Vaccine Safe? Over the years, medical science has undergone innovations and discoveries. There are different medical products that are made at the dawn of each day. The purposes of these medicines include cure, prevention, disease management and supplementation. Flu is one of the common infections which most people get. It is a disease caused by virus. In the near recent a vaccine against flu has been developed. The vaccine has been promoted widely as an effective way to prevent flu. However, recent research has shown that the vaccine may not be the best way to prevent flu. Of course there are better ways of preventing the flu rather than taking the shot. The outcome of various studies have proved that the vaccine is worse than the flu that it is used to protect. The usage of the vaccine should be assessed against the side effects since it is not an essential. The available evidence does not prove that children are protected against the flu. The shots are only effective against certain strains of the virus. As such, if you come across a different strain, you will be more vulnerable than a person who has not been injected. The injection has proven to cause varies health conditions such as immunological problems and other infections. This makes the body more vulnerable to the disease it was supposed to provide protection. Other than immunizing the body against the virus, the injection exposes the body to the virus. Oftenly, children will develop varied infection including pneumonia and running nose few days or weeks after they have been vaccinated. This is usually a reaction of the body to the introduction of the flu virus.The problem is that it may cause immune suppression.
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Since the vaccine introduces a virus into the body, it is therefore not safe for someone with a disease which is lowering the body immunity. In such a body, the virus can get a chance to become more strong and affect the person. There is higher than the maximum allowable quantities of mercury in the injection. High doses of mercury can lead to memory loss, respiratory challenges, oral health problems and digestive imbalances.
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Alzheimer’s disease, in particular, can attack the elderly. The body resistance continues to grow weaker as one age. The flu vaccine increases the rate of immunity deterioration making the fluid situation worse. The virus can mutate to a deadlier strain after continued use of injection against it. It is therefore so that one gets to look for other safe methods of staying away from flu. In most case, those who take the vaccine develop a serious flu infection shortly after. Learn different ways in which you can stay a healthy lifestyle and safe remedies to diseases.