Early Breast Cancer Detection

Most women are familiar with mammography as our “gold standard” for breast cancer screening. However, there are additional tools available that women can add to their arsenal.

One of the most effective tools in breast cancer screening is breast self-exam (BSE). However, BSE works best when women are appropriately trained in the procedure, and then followed-up with annual clinical breast exams (CBE) from their physicians. In a 2000 University of Toronto study, approximately 20,000 women were screened for breast cancer with BSE and annual CBE, and 20,000 were screened with BSE and mammograms. After more than 10 years, the BSE and annual CBE reported 610 cases of invasive breast cancer, and 105 deaths. In the BSE and mammogram group, there were 622 cases of invasive breast cancer and 107 deaths. Without question, the first line of defense against breast cancer begins with diligent BSE.

Other tools that are available to women include the AMAS (anti-malignan antibody screen) test and the NMP Nuclear matrix protein) test. Both these are blood tests that measure a certain protein in the blood that may indicate cancer. The AMAS test has been around for several years while the NMP test has not been available until only recently. Clinical trials continue in this area.

One additional tool that may detect an issue early is digital infrared thermal imaging or DITI. In 1982, the FDA approved thermography as an adjunctive tool for breast cancer screening. DITI measures heat emitted from the body and is accurate to 1/100th of a degree. DITI examines physiology, NOT structure. It is in this capacity that DITI can monitor breast HEALTH over time and alert a patient or physician to a developing problem; possibly before a lump can be seen on X-ray or palpated clinically. There are no test limitations such as breast density. DITI is a non-invasive test that does not emit radiation.

The unique characteristics of cancer allow DITI to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage of growth. As cancer is developing, it builds its own blood supply which is then reflected as increased heat in that particular region of the breast. DITI has a specificity of 83%; which reflects a problem in its early stages of development not late-stage cancer as in mammography. An abnormal thermogram carries a 10-times greater risk for cancer and a persistently abnormal thermogram carries a 22-times greater risk for cancer.

Clinical research studies continue to support thermography’s role as an adjunctive tool in breast cancer screening and the ONLY tool that measures breast health over time. There are now more than 800 publications on over 300,000 women in clinical trials. A recent finding published in the American Journal of Radiology in 2003 showed that thermography has 99% sensitivity in identifying breast cancer with single examinations and limited views. Scientists concluded that a negative thermogram is powerful evidence that cancer is not present.

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Mistakes that coaches make when coaching young goalkeepers

Coaching is a tricky business. Whether you are coaching rugby, hockey or football, there is a right and wrong way to teach people the sport. This stands true with coaches training young football goalkeepers to understand the intricacies of the position. Below are the top three mistakes coaches make when training young goalkeepers.

1, Underestimating the importance of training in footwork

Whilst diving may look cool – when pulled off correctly – many coaches overstress the importance of diving for the ball and do not train enough in footwork. Essentially, diving should not be your first line of defence but rather a last resort when footwork or simple body positioning would otherwise fail.

2, Not teaching the young goalkeepers to catch

Another technique that is highly undervalued is catching the ball. Many coaches overlook the importance of training the budding goalkeepers how to position and angle their bodies to give themselves the best chance of catching and therefore retaining the ball. This simply requires the ability to remain calm and read the situation – a crucial skill that is invaluable to successful goalkeepers. Catching will also assist their ability to slow down the game and keep possession rather than giving in to the temptation to panic and throw the ball away.

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3, Failing to teach a safe diving method

Whilst footwork and handling are important, there will come times when diving is an essential skill to learn. Many coaches fall into the trap of not teaching a safe diving method; instead, they tell their goalkeepers to dive before they are ready. It is important in any sport to know how to fall properly – whether in football or a martial art, an awkward landing can lead to unnecessary injuries. With this in mind, coaches should not only ensure goalkeepers are wearing the correct protective equipment and perform the correct warm up routine to best avoid pulling or spraining a muscle but also that they are trained in safe methods of diving.

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Chris Oyakhilome Is A Man On A Mission

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a vision for the world. It isn’t his own personal vision though, it’s what he believes is God’s vision, and he is working tirelessly to bring that Good News to people on all continents. Chris Oyakhilome seems to be all over the place these days. You can turn on the television anywhere from Nigeria to the United States and witness Pastor Chris preaching the word of God and doing the good work of bringing people all over the world to Christ. The pastor is credited, in 2003, to starting the very first 24 hour Christian Network that is broadcast from Africa and reaches out all over the world.

A couple celebrating.

The Pastor uses all forms of media to bring Christ’s message to the masses. He has written over 20 books starting with the 2 books he wrote in 1998, Gates of Zion and Your Right in Christ and culminating in 2016 with his latest release, The Power of your Mind: Walk in Divine Excellence. His book, the Rhapsody of Realities is considered by many to be the number one devotional book around the world. Even with a ministry that has spanned over 30 years, the contribution of that many books in the Christian genre is quite an accomplishment. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s ministry has been focused on bringing people out of poverty, and just providing a message of hope, which at times seem to be lacking, especially in our current world.

The Christ Embassy International Church, headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is now active in over 50 countries. The Christ Embassy is the central part of his ministry. All the different ministries that are under the banner of the Christ Embassy can be found on their website which is full of useful information, events, and news. you can also watch their live television feed and watch many of the previous recorded videos and events on the website.

One of the latest successes of the church was the recent Zimbabwe event. The event was attended by over 100,00 people proving once again the power of the church but especially, the Power of God. The event went off without a hitch and was a fun, educational, peaceful, and above all life changing event for all who attended. The Christ Embassy Church mad sure the event was free to guarantee that all people could attend. Pulling off an event of this size and scope is certainly no easy feat. It took weeks of preparation and even an earlier visit by Pastor Chris to go over all the logistics of the event and make sure everything would be in perfect order so everything ran smoothly. With the total success of the event, the many people coming to Christ, and all the people’s hearts being personally touched, it can certainly be said that all the preparation was worth it. Chris Oyakhilome is not the type of person to sit back and rest on his laurels though. You can be assured … Read more

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How Can You Lose Weight Mentally?

It is everyone’s desire to have a desirable body. The good thing about losing weight is that there are a lot of tips given so that you can be successful. People want to lose weight for different reasons. You have to sit down first and plan ahead of time. The common way to do it is to plan for your diet that must be all healthy. Aside from that, you must also make sure that you exercise regularly to achieve your goal. There are indeed a lot of ways that this can be done for you to choose from. Do you know the essential elements to losing weight? The truth is that, although a lot of people want to lose weight, still some people fail. It is also important that you’re eating habits are healthy and right.

The truth is that you’re eating habit can easily be broken if you won’t be able to control yourself and start eating unhealthy foods. For a lot of people, they go the gym and take their diet seriously. Well, there is actually nothing wrong with that, just as long as you don’t waste your membership. You have to ensure that this goal of yours will not fail. If you want to lose weight long term, you have to remain focus and not allow other factors to get to your goal. Have you thought about a secret that some successful people have used recently?

Do you know that you can now lose weight successfully just by using your mind? It is important that your attitude is right when it comes to this. It is easy to lose weight and one of that is by having the right mind and attitude when it comes to it. The good thing with this is that you will not waste all the energy that you have invested for it.

You must be someone who should always put in mind the goals that you have so that you can always keep your weight as well as your lifestyle. It is nice if you have your mind set always so that you can always stay as motivated as possible. You have to start changing on your perspective and change your mental outlook too. If you don’t know what should be your motivations are, you can begin simply by writing the benefits that you can get from it. You should know that if you lose weight, there are so many things you can do, especially the activities that you wanted to do before but you couldn’t because of your size. Be motivated with the fact that you can become healthier after that. It can improve your image and regain your confidence too. The truth is that it is easier to lose weight if you have these things in mind.

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the widest selection of Cosmetic

We offer the widest selection of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeries in NSW including: Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and numerous more. Because 2009 Xavier Nellisen heads the Department of Plastic Surgery at Clinique St Joseph, a private hospital of 900 beds with a group of 11 Plastic Surgeons (). He also runs his personal private clinic in the center of Liège, Clinique du Mont Saint Martin because 2007 ().

He is the authorof 200 publication including chirurgien esthétique lyon scientific articles, books (in French, English, Italian and Brazilian) or book chapters, and co-author of the French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE) devoted to breast lectures often at national and international congresses. With an outstanding understanding of German language, she takes care of our folks in Germany and helps with the administrative function in our chirurgien esthétique lyon Specialized instruction (AFSA) basic surgery at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg (France) (2003).

Dr. Bravo is an active member of both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has served in the Executive Committee of both the Spanish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is a member of the French Society for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (SoFCPRE), the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (SOFCEP) which represents all the plastic surgeons with a powerful activity in cosmetic surgery alone, and the SORACEP, which is the regional chirurgie esthétique lyon society for the plastic surgeons in Rhone-Alpes. He is an organizer of much more than 40 scientific international courses (Salivary glands (ESTC Geneva CH) Facial Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty). Because the very first year of enrollment in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery she has supported her father (Dr.

Associate Professor for Plastic Surgery at the University Bonn, Director and Chief of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital in Wesseling, Germany. Dr Delay will be the subsequent President (2017) of the SOFCPRE (SOciété Française de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique French Society of Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive surgery), which is the principal society for plastic surgeons in France. Aesthetic surgeon should inform the patient about the complexities of healing and the possibility of complications (Paris Court of Appeal, 1 October 1998) all the situations connected to the wound soon after face-lift, the duration of the recovery period … (Paris Court of Appeal on two April 1999). Has published over 70 papers in international evaluations mainly on aesthetic surgery.

Published more than 150 scientific papers in the field of plastic surgery, 30 SCI journals particularly Asian blepharoplasty and oculoplastic surgery. Simply because 2010 he has been a plastic surgery consultant of the Poznań University of Healthcare Sciences. Speaking about the situations of presenting the details: the surgeon ought to leave the patient a minimum period of reflection (15 days) in in between the presentation of the estimates and the most likely interference, and it have to not in the course of … Read more

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Helpful Tips on Locating a Sanitation Consultant

Each one of us should know right sanitation. Having no appropriate sanitation, we will all get sick. Though we know basic hand washing, being able to know the right way to do it is very helpful. And the most ideal way to know about it is to consult with a sanitation consultation. The reason is that, these consultants are well-informed and most of all trained in the said topic. Searching for a dependable one is not that hard to do. Read the given tips below so that you will be able to find the most reliable one. By going to them, you can surely locate the ideal sanitation consultant.

You need to do first an online research. You can find almost anything in the web. As soon as you do your research, rest assured that you will be given lots of information about everything which includes sanitation consultant. The best sanitation consultant will surely have a good website in order to display their services. You must pick a site that will able to give you info such as emails, address, business phone numbers and many more. Aside from that, you need to also see if the website contains customer’s page, photos or links of their successful work and a user-friendly site. The customer’s page will let you read the commentaries of the past clients of your chosen sanitation consultants. It is advisable to choose a website containing lots of positive reviews or feedback from past customers. In case you read a lot of positive comments or reviews, this only means that the consultant is a very good one.

Asking your friends and families for recommendations is also a great way to find sanitation consultant. They can be trusted in terms of giving excellent recommendation, one good reason is that if you are happy, they are also happy. You need to keep in mind that it’s very essential to contact the consultant who’s recommended by many of your friends or loved ones. You need to make inquiries regarding the cost of their service, the offered services and etc. You need to ensure that clarify all the needed details about their services to you. As an excellent sanitation consultant, they will make you well-informed about their services in order for you to know everything you needed to know about them.

The tips are very useful so make sure that you follow them in order for you to get the ideal sanitation consultant available. You can surely locate your own particular sanitation consultant if ever you follow the above given tips. Because of these sanitation consultant, a lot of individual can definitely be knowledgeable about appropriate sanitation. Therefore, it is very important that you hire the best one.

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Things You Need To Know When Getting A Massage

Getting a massage would surely be able to make us feel better and it is also important that we should be able to know how to get a proper massage. When getting a massage, make sure that you are able to get your massage from a professional so that you would be able to know that your masseuse is knowledgeable and properly trained on what they are doing. An expert therapist would be able to provide you the kind of massage that you would be able to need for your body, you would be able to make some requests on the kind of massage that you would want and you can also request on how strong the pressure would need to be so that you can be comfortable on your massage and would be able to properly relax. It may seem a bit harsh but you should know that you are able to end the massage session if your therapist is not able to fulfill your requests or if they are not listening to the complaints that you have on the massage. It is important that you should be able to have your expectations fulfilled when getting a massaged, you should make sure that you can relax and feel good or else you would be able to have your masseuse or therapist changed if they are not good enough.

It is important that you should make sure that you would be able to have a pleasant experience when getting the massage, you should make sure to check on the facilities that they would have to see if they are clean and if it would feel therapeutic and relaxing. You could get some information about the place where you are going to get a massage from their customers and people that are in their establishment so that you would be able to get some idea on the quality of service that they provide and if they would be able to help you get a lot of relaxation. When you would arrive for a massage at an establishment, you would need to fill up some paperwork that would be able to determine the kind of services that you would need and there would also be some questions that you would need to fill out about the condition that you would have. There are people that would not want to get naked when getting a massage that is why you should know that you would be able to wear any clothing that you want as long as you are able to feel comfortable in it.

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Choose the best way to analyze the problem while running

Many people are interested in the sports field and that make them to reach their goals in many favorite games. There are many rehabilitation centers that help the sportsperson to get the treatment by doing certain physical exercises. The physical therapist will guide the patients with the proper movements who are professional trainers. These people are highly qualified and have more experience in treating the patients. There are plenty of clinics that are available in the world but choosing the finest clinic is quite difficult. These physical therapy clinics offer a different way of treatment by using different techniques that depend upon each and every injury. Normally, this type of clinic will provide the physical and a non-surgical way of treatment that are done by certain movements and exercises in the joint and in the other joint parts. Each and every injury can be analyzed with the help of certain advanced technologies. Likewise, the most important way of analyzing the fault in the body is by running or gait analysis. There are plenty of online sites that will help you with more information. Visit the online site and read more to know more about the gait analysis that is offered in the physical therapy clinic.

How does gait analysis work?

Normally, people are used to analyze their problem by certain pain and feel uncomfortable while doing certain work or applying pressure on something. But the best and the extraordinary rehab center will make you analyze your walking style by using the gait analyzing technology. Search through the online site and read more about the analysis that is provided in the rehab clinic. Actually, this analysis will monitor the location of the human being by using the brain and the eye. These will even include by measuring the movements of the body as well as the activities that are done by the muscles.

Usually, the analysis will help the sports person to plan and will treat the each and every individual’s condition of the walking strategy. This analysis will be more effective for the sports person to increase their performance in the sports field. This is the best way to identify the problems and injuries in the sports people.

Monitor your running style

Generally, the gait analysis is monitored by using different types of cameras that are focused on the patient who will start walking in the technology. The patient will walk on the treadmill or on the walkway that is connected to the computer. The markers are applied to the patient’s body segments and the walk will be calculated by the computer. This will make the people calculate the accurate movement of the body in the three dimensions. This will even help the people to calculate the movement of the bones that are located in the joint and other important parts of the body. Thus, this makes many runners to calculate their running style and to take the extraordinary method to increase their running performance. Make use of the advanced … Read more

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Increasing Awareness and Understanding About Face Mask Application Face masks are one of women’s favorite skin care products, easy and simple to apply, fun and exciting to use and delivering great results. Face masks can give you a feeling of tightened and tone skin even after a single use, that’s why it is recommended to be used by everyone for healthier and smoother skin. Face masks can definitely address your skin care concerns, serving as a perfect skin treatment, for hydrating the face, removing excess oils and helping improve the appearance of skin pores. Face masks are an excellent medium for pulling out impurities, and wearing one can give a feeling of being pampered in a spa in the comfort of your own home. For a healthy skin regimen, you can use face mask once a week or as needed depending on your skin type and skin care concerns. There are five major reasons why you need to apply face mask such as providing relaxation, deep cleansing, unclogs pores, for a glowing skin and helps in your overall skin regimen. Face masks do not only improve the overall appearance of your skin, but it can also uplift your spirit by stimulating your senses as brought about by the infusion of aromatic essential oils like rosemary and mint. Enjoy your face mask like a luxurious treatment for yourself by drawing a hot bath, lighting some candles, and letting the magic of the mask begin to work. Doing so will help you in relaxing your mind and spirit as you are wonderful sensory experience, while having a fabulous looking and healthy skin. Face masks can take facial cleansing to a whole new level, removing makeup, oil, dirt, and impurities from the skin surface. Face masks are incredible as they provide deeper cleansing, much like having skin detoxification with noticeable results after first use. Black mask contains bentonite clay for dirt removal and excess oil absorption. It is excellent in removing accumulated dead skin cells, thus unclogging troublesome clogged skin pores. Clogged pores can cause bacterial infection causing acne, that may wreak havoc on your life for several days and weeks. Usually face masks have a mint formulation for stimulating blood circulation, and when the face mask and harden, removing the face mask causes blood vessel expansion, and as a result, you having a more radiant glow and fresh appearance. Masking can help you achieve your skin goals faster, effectively and efficiently by helping other skin products like creams, lotions or serums to be absorbed quicker and deeper. For more tips about skin care, feel free to visit our website for other helpful articles.The Essential Laws of Sales Explained

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Why It is Important to Take Macular Degeneration Vitamins Numbers of people who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration often undergo stress and depression. Many people who are diagnosed with macular degeneration are frustrated, irritated, angry, sad, and depress since macular degeneration can result to poor eyesight. Since the individual who has macular degeneration can no longer see things within the center of their vision, they cannot do their favorite activities anymore such as golfing, basketball, sewing, and painting. Aside from not being able to play many sports, people who have macular degeneration can no longer read books, do a research on the Internet, watch movies, see facial expressions of their beloved ones, and will have a hard time texting or chatting with them. Macular degeneration can make every simple task become impossible – and so people get depressed. The effects of macular degeneration is very devastating. The sad thing is, even a new prescription for glasses cannot restore the poor eyesight condition. Macular degeneration can be very dangerous and can result to complete blindness. It is wise to prevent macular generation instead of treating it. If you search online, you will find out that there are numbers of macular degeneration vitamins today which you can take in order to prevent such condition. But before you purchase a macular degeneration vitamin, you need to make sure that you consider some few things first. It is advisable that you only buy macular degeneration vitamins that are made out of natural ingredients. To ensure that you are only buying the best macular degeneration vitamins out there, you need to take the time to do a little research on the Internet first. You also might want to take the time reading articles found on the Internet or blogs that provide useful tips and information on how to find the best macular degeneration vitamins out there. You also might want to ask for some tips and recommendations from your friends, families, or fellow workers who have experienced buying and using eye vitamins. Bear in mind that not all eye vitamins that you see on the Internet can give you the results that you want and not all vitamins are made out of top quality natural ingredients.
What Do You Know About Services
It is very important that you take a look at the eye vitamins and its manufacturer. It is wise that you take the time to visit the online page of the manufacturer who made the eye vitamins and check their credentials and background history. You also might want to check for testimonials, comments, and feedbacks made by individuals who have tried the product before. Aside from checking the testimonials made by their customers, it is also wise that you take the time to check out reviews – be sure that the product has receive many positive reviews.A Quick Overlook of Eyecare – Your CheatsheetRead more